Increase critical supports

As an educator, I know first-hand the challenges they face every day. We need to ensure our staff (educators and support personnel) have the necessary supports and training to ensure our students learn and are cared for. 


imporve district dropout rates

We need an acute focus on personal connections to ensure all students reach their limitless potential. Improving our drop-out rates requires a holistic approach to student learning. With the necessary resources and engagement all students can have a rigorous, fun and engaging experience.  

quality community engagement

Our district is only as strong as the community around us. Red Clay has to get it right and our ability to do that rests in the collective ideas of parents, students, and all residents. It is only when we value those voices do we understand how to better educate and serve our learners.

supports for students

Red Clay students are grappling with school, homework, life at home, and the same racial and social injustices as all other Delawareans. Now more than ever we need to focus on getting students academic and mental health supports. Our students need access to tutors, counselors, and behavioral specialists.